Woodworking Shop

Woodworking is such a vast subject I could write about for days, after 35 years of having the pleasure and experience of working with wood. Pine, oak, cherry, aspen, walnut, maple, hickory, cedar, etc., ect. The feel of the wood and grain patterns, the knots, the different barks, the softness, the hardness. I have found one thing is true, like no two snowflakes being the same, the same holds true for wood. No two boards are the same. After 35 years of woodworking we at the Wolf’s Den still have no personal favorites, as long as its made out of wood. No particle board or pressed fibers, paper or plastics. Each and every species of wood has it’s own personal characteristics and uses. Our goal at the Wolf’s Den is to use the best choice of wood for your own personal needs.

Woodworking is something made of wood.
A Woodworker is someone who works with wood.